Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lace cleaning


I cam back. I have had few health issues that don't gone, but I can write few notes.

This time wasn't lost for me. I was check out few sites on Internet and sort all my supplies.

And I found that

1. I have too much laces and buttons for all my life.

2. I need to clean few of my laces.

I found this great old tutorials for lace cleaning . I try them out with and they was great.

You need lace, washing powder ( soap), glass bottle and basin (or any container for soap water bigger then bottle) hot water.

1. Wrap lace around the bottle and stitch the ends together with thread.

2. Put hot water and washing powder (stain remover optional) in the basin and put bottle inside.

3. Waite for few hours. On this stage I was rub lace very gentele with my hand. Rinse lace very well and check them. If you pleased with results let it dry on the bottle , if you not go to the step 1 and do a new soap water.

For few very old and very dirty pieces of hand embroidery I did for 3 days. Change a water 4-5 times. It was worth it. I even wasn't need to irone it.

And if somebody want lace or button's for sale or swap let me know in the comments.

Happy stitching.