Monday, February 23, 2009

New CQ for year local craft show.

This year we have another local craft show. This is the "Women create women"craft show.
I am finished my old work for this show.
If you remember I was start to do the David star CQ. But I was have a hand problem and can't stitsh for few month. When I came back to sitch and did a few tiriangle blocks for the star rays they came out in different style and I don't love it.
But the hexagon block wiyh gold ribbon was very finished for me. So I was did a 4 burgundy triangle CQ blocks for the corners. Add a burgundy borders.I stitched the gold ribbon bitween the birder and the burgundy blocks . Put layer of flanel for the batting.

I am did only plane stitches on the burgundy blocks to keep the balance with havy 3D centre piece.

And you can see my first really big ( 24x27 inch including borders) CQ wallhanging DONE.