Saturday, February 23, 2008

Progress in the work

thank for all visitors who did a good comments on my work for a craft show, but I wasn't so happy with them. I was need a great WAW effect. I was try more then 20 (!!!!!) different frames and don't get it. So I did something else. I put a blue CQ on the piece of blue upholstery velvet (it hard to see on picture but it was deep blue) and just hide an edges with gold bias ribbon. I put a blue cotton on the back.
For the burgundy I did a border from match color fabric. It's two side folded border. So I just sew the gold cord with run stitch between block and border. Cord still free from the cross points outside. I fixed my block to the back only in this points with few small stitches. So the back side of the block steel invisible and I have a great 3D effect with free cord and free heavy borders of the block.

Unfortunatly I don't found a velvet piece for the last block. I just did a border from a matching color fabric and sew on this old lace.

Do you believe in this I am still waiting for a checking my works. They don't see them jet.

This week we had a great storm with cool wind. i don't go to anywhere and finished sentral block for a David star.

I put organza folded roses , few satin roses in the sentre. Add a lot of organza leafs and a leafs from my second veaves tutorials. It' s hard to see. but it bring a great 3D effect with color plays from olive color of veaving leafs and green color of organza. Arount I stitch a leafs with tifferent colors of green, I did a few leafs from a satin ribbon. The small flowers are folded roses and different stitches roses ( rococo, spider all what I have ).I use a different ribbons in many colors. I pretty happy with a result.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Second needlewoven leaves tutorial

It's take a time wile I published second Needlewoven leaves tutorial .
Today I want to tell you about 3D leaves that you can do without fabrics.
1. Drow the leaf on baking paper as you want and do a points in same distance on the picture. I did only points, you don't need more. You can see throw baking paper so you can make a points easly just put a pictire under paper.
2. Stitch throw paper in next directions
1 and all not even numbers from back side to right site of work .
2 and all even numbers in opposite direction from right to back side.
Remember you must keep free thread about 2 - 3 inch in point number 1. Just press thread to the paper during the first stitch with finger when you pull the tread.
You will received this on the right side
and this one on the back side. You don't have the long stitches on the back side.
3. You thread now in the up corner of the leaf go in and out to the point number 1. Don't stitch throw paper!
4. After this you do woven leaf usual way. Don't stitch throw the paper. I stitch first one side from the central line. So I can use 2 shades of green or take a second piece of the thread. I don't use the long thread. I just add the new tread always in point number 1 and keep a free piece of tread obout 2-3 inch 5. This is almoust finished leaf.You can see the threads on back side of the paper.
6. Pull the paper off . Leaf done !
You can pull the threads throw the fabric with needle or do couching stitches. It's you choise.
Happy stitching

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Works for local craft show


My town municipality decided to do a craft show "Women create women" .

I did a few works and fill all forms. Now I am waiting for entrance examinations.

I have only one problem Crazy Quilting really unknown area here

Friday, February 8, 2008

Needlewoven leaves tutorial

Hello all.

I don't wroute a lot of time. We had so bad weather. Even a snow event. Yes ! Yes ! Yes! After 8 years we have had a snow event. But one thing we don't had. We don't had enough sun lite for pictures.

Few days ago (Tuesday, February 5, 2008 ) Allison Ann Aller published a post My Work at Point Bonita. After my comments on here Needlewoven leaves she ask me about my tutorials for nedlewoven leaves using baking paper.

I love to do those tiny leaves to, but i love to use a baking paper under them. It's very easy my keep the leaves very flat and do them in the shape that I want.

1. I put a piece of baking paper on the fabric and drew the shape that I want.I use for tutorial the square shape and yarn for best looking.( See right side of the picture.)

After this I stitched the long stitches in one direction. You can do it in the directions that you want. You can do a measures with the rule for equal space between stitches. In this step you draw on the paper not on the fabric. You can stitch in the diagonal directions. After this you do woven leaves usual way. I don't stitch yarn in opposite direction through the fabric. My leaves attached to the fabric only with two sides. I just press them to the paper during the stitching with my finger when I pull the yarn.This is the finished leaf.

2. When the leaf was finished i pull off the acess paper from the stitched to the fabric side.3. Pull the paper off from one more side.

4. Pull off or push out with the scissors all paper (including the paper under leave).5. Finished leave.With the paper you always will receive very flat leaves. because the paper prevent the tightened of the fabric.

I hope you can understand my English. I will accept all suggestions.

I will try to put a pictures of another shape of leaf tomorrow .

Happy stitching