Monday, July 30, 2007

I am going to be in a magazine!

I am going to be a published!

It was a great project in one of my groups - Faber Art Traders. We did and embelished 1.5 inches squares (We call them Plus Size Inchies - PSI). We create them in batches of 24, based on different colors and swap them with other group members . This trade consisted of 120 sign-ups, at 24 each that’s 2,880 Inchies. The list mum Normajean Brevik help to us become published in August/September 2007 Issue of Quilting Arts Magazine®.

Check out the Quilting Arts website at
and click on Inchie Mania. The participants in the our PSI trade are listed on the site!!!

I just went to the site and FREAKED out when I saw my name!!!!! WOOHOO! My first time ever, being brave enough to submit anything and I am going to be in a magazine!

Normajean let me know that my name is noted on the index page in the magazine! With white PSI with a gold heart and bow out my friends here at FAT .

Only one thing in this story is really sad - I can get this magazine in Israel and see this publication.

This is a picture of PSI that I sent to QA. I don't know each of them was in magazine.

Nice day for all.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Hello all.

Last weekend I was really busy. I take my old books and treads and have a lot of fun.

I feel like a small girl that I was when I learned crocheting. You can see what I get.

And more crocheting....

Saturday, July 7, 2007


I finished my first big projects. I was need a wall hanging to hide electricity board. I had a bed cover that I do more than 10 years ago for children's bed.
But now it was to shirt for me and wasn't in right direction.

I decided to get out a panel with a trees. Add few stitches and beads and stitch it back in right directions (turn on 90
degrees). Also I decided to put crocheted motifs in different
places to do it more interesting.
But after I turn it it steel to short . I don't want to
sew more panels to this bed cover. I do a new separate
wall hanging. I had two printed panels, they was same
pictures in different colors. And I don't like one of
them (left on a picture). It was so blend. I do
with this panels the same treatment that I do with first

Finally you can see what I have now.