Monday, January 28, 2008

Chicken block for my friend Judyth

I have my dear internet friend Judyth . She is great person. She help to all Newbies with a fabric packs and other staff. I was need a threads that I can't get in Israel and she send to me a big, I mean really big box with all kind threads. Now I know all numbers off perle cottons and I can get them according to numbers.
Judyth love the chicken. And I did for her this block.

It was a pattern from Estonian handworks magazine Kasitoo from 1986. Originally it was a childrens room curtaine pattern. I was need to do it smaller. I wasn't really happy with small version until yesterday. But I found that few green stitches and flower beads can work very well.
This block with oher things for Judyth already in the mail.
I hope she will love it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Star in progress.

I tray to do next row of the star. I am even stitched two blocks,but when I try to put them together they was too thick on a seam. So after few days of thinking I decided to do block in one hexagonal ring shape. I do a few drawings and finally I was happy with this shape. I drew this ring in real size including all seam allowance .
I cut this shape from a paper and fixed it with pins on very thin prewashed fabric . I don't do any marks on fabric because I use thin fancy fabrics even chiffon's for this project. But it was easy to see all marks throw thin white fabric. I put all fabrics on and fixed them with thread. I don't stitched them together yet. But I pull out a paper and let to my block rest for few days.
It's help me to keep my work flat. After 2-3 days all thin pieces get they shape and I can fixed all waves and get my block very flat. I use a lot of chiffon's and stretch fabrics (like velveteen here). Today I have this block done.

When my big block rest I start to do a little hearts . I do 3 of them. They are only 2 inch.New day will be tomorrow and new stitching.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by Gerry for the Make my Day Award. Now I am supposed to tag 10 other blogs that make my day, then post a comment on their blog to let them know.

Here goes

Crazy Bird (Russian)





OK I am off the computer and on the sewing needles today. I was cathched up with my last project.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Central piece - work in progress.

I am working on central piece. All the seams on the center piece are covered now. I did a regular plane stitches here. I tooke a different colors of treads, because I try to blend colors of fabrics and threads together. I don't want to put any other embellishment yet. I want to sew all beige central piece and after this I'll decide what to do . I want ( for now) put here a flowers. My be a 3D flowers from different kinds of ribbons and Ric-Rack.

Tomorrow I'll do a scheme for last part of central piece. But mostly I must to found way to sew all blocks together and keep my work very flat.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I am back !

Happy New Year ! We are in 2008 now.

All holidays are gone Hanuka, Christmas, New Year and this is the time to new beginnings.

The start of new project is the hard part of the work for me. I don't have an Unfinished Objects (UFO) I have only Unstarted Objects (USO). Few times ago I found in Internet picture of beautiful Japanese CQ . This is not high quality picture, but a found a few close up from here and I start this CQ. I don't believe that I do this. I can't do exactly this one. But I can do something in this colors and shapes. I am really want a wall hanging with David Star for my living room.

I start from central hexagonal block. I collect all beige color fabrics that i have. My thanks to my dear friend Judyth for beautiful fabrics that she sent to me.

I drew hexagonal shape on the white paper and put all fabrics with pins on.

This is the back side of block.

Next step, I pull out all paper and put my block on very thin fabric and stitch all pieces by hand.

Now I will do a seam treatments on each seam. I 'll published the new pistures when I'll be able to take a good quality picture. I hope it will be tomorrow. I am really enjoy of this poject.