Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Desert pictures

I am finished my Passover cleaning and cam back to Blogging.
During the days before passover I was with my small son in The Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute. It's only 1 hour from my town. And I can't resist before these great landscapes. I love desert and have a beautiful view from my window but this pictures was amazing. I fixed them with Picnik. They are ready for lanscape quilt.

On this one I don't work with Picnik.

Alice ask me whata picnil is?
Picnil is free on line very easy to use programm for editing pictures.


alice m said...

Desert landscapes are fascinating. I love them - more from photos than experience since I live in England (very green and damp at the moment). Can you tell me what Picnik is please?

Candi said...

Gorgeous photo's! What amazing colors

Susan said...

That is so very different from my desert, but really beautiful sweeping views. Someday, I hope to visit your desert.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

That is amazing and beautiful! Great photos too - I'll look forward to your landscape quilt.

Barbara said...

I love the pictures of the desert. I visited Israel in 96 and fell in love. I'd love to live there. Hugs. Barb