Friday, October 26, 2007

I was published in Readers' Showcase of

My Crazy Quilting glass case from previous post was published in Readers' Showcase of .

Now I am start a new project. I do a Christmas ornaments.

My family not a Christian. We have a Hanuka in this time. Many years ago, when I was live in Ukraine we was celebrated a New Year. It wasn't religion holiday, but we had a beautiful fair tree. I did a lot of hand made decorations. I am so liked to do them, I am like to do Christmas decorations now. I recalled my childhood. And I am pleased to received a feed backs from other people. Last year one lady bouth a full box of my Christmas bals for charity bazar. She sent to
me so god letter, she was really happy.

Because I can't use this decorations I sell them. For this money I can buy a supplies for my other hand works.

If somebody interested in this ornaments or in tutorial for folded balls email me privately to

I 'll put pictures of my new Christmas ornaments in this blog and on my Flickr

Have a nice time


Ana999 said...

Hello. I wrote to you send mail from yahoo but. I just wanted to know if returning you could send me the instructions of this area, which I loved,. Thank you .- Ana

SH Sue said...

Ira - BEAUTIFUL work. Thank you for being such an inspiration.