Thursday, October 11, 2007

A new project finished


I don't write for a time. I did a new project.

I am never can't found my glasses between all similar glass cases that we have. I decided to do something special for me.

I did a 6" CQ block.

After this I an add a two pieces of folded fabric on the top, flannel fabric for lining and stitch three sides around from the wrong side of the block.

And i received this.

My block was on a cover page of my Yahoo group - CQForNewbies

Thank you for visiting .


Sharon said...

Oh this is so lovely Ira. Congratulations on being featured in the cqmag..

Ira said...

Thank you for comments.

Anonymous said...

Lovely CQ glasses case. Well done being featured in CQ Magazine.

Thelma said...

Congratulations Ira! Your work is beautiful.

Susan said...

What a beautiful case. I love the colors and your stitching is wonderful. How nice that the cqmag picked up your article!