Friday, November 2, 2007

Ric-Rack owl tutorial

1. I am take a small piece of white Ric-Rack ribbon and paint him with regular fabric paint. I paint two sides in the same brown color.

2. After paint was dry a fixed it with hot iron.

3. I fold ribbon according to white line and twist it down to receive this shape.

4. I sewed it on the fabric with small stitches.

5. You can do an eye with a bead or do any other stitches . I stitched a nose and legs.

Happy stitches


Charlene said...

Your fish and owl are so cute! Thanks for your time and generosity for sharing them!

Susan said...

What wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for showing how you get there.

gocrazywithme said...

Ira, the owl is even cuter than the fish! Could he be done upside down, giving him the look of a horned owl?
Janet in Colorado

Sharon said...

Ira I don't know which one I lie the best the owl or the fish I wiil try them both and then let you know when I post a pic...Thanks for your great tutorials they are appreciated

Anonymous said...

Hi Ira ,the owl and the fish are too cute!!! Thanks for sharing. I can see these on my grandsons onesies. Hugs Debby Long

Marisa said...

Hi Ira!
This owl is so cute and delicate! Your blog is really good. You are full of ideas!

Ginger said...

Thought id share that this am i posted on my blog some links to come see you blog and your awesome tutorials
big hug loved you blog ginger