Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring button cleaning

Hello all
I start a spring cleaning for this year. It's early but I start from my buttons. I check my buttons for ATC and fount that lot of them wasn't so pretty that I want.
In one old book I found that I can clean them with pastry from white flour and vinegar.
It's work !!!!
I take a spoon of flour and few drops of vinegar, just to receive a pastry that I can work with. And clean my metal buttons with this pastry . I used a small soft brush. After this I clean my buttons (and other metal things too) with warm water ant dry in soft cloth. They are shining so pretty now. Unfortunately I can take a good pictures.
This cleaning don't clean out a patina .
Pastry still good for work with for long time. (Few hours )
Happy cleaning.

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Sharon said...

Ira thank you for the lessons on the buttons and the cleaning of ones. I also have some buttons that I want to clean and now I have an idea of how to do it....thanks fo much