Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I am back !

Happy New Year ! We are in 2008 now.

All holidays are gone Hanuka, Christmas, New Year and this is the time to new beginnings.

The start of new project is the hard part of the work for me. I don't have an Unfinished Objects (UFO) I have only Unstarted Objects (USO). Few times ago I found in Internet picture of beautiful Japanese CQ . This is not high quality picture, but a found a few close up from here and I start this CQ. I don't believe that I do this. I can't do exactly this one. But I can do something in this colors and shapes. I am really want a wall hanging with David Star for my living room.

I start from central hexagonal block. I collect all beige color fabrics that i have. My thanks to my dear friend Judyth for beautiful fabrics that she sent to me.

I drew hexagonal shape on the white paper and put all fabrics with pins on.

This is the back side of block.

Next step, I pull out all paper and put my block on very thin fabric and stitch all pieces by hand.

Now I will do a seam treatments on each seam. I 'll published the new pistures when I'll be able to take a good quality picture. I hope it will be tomorrow. I am really enjoy of this poject.


HElen said...

What a beautiful piece, my dear friend!Wonderful!

Susan said...

What a wonderful project! I look forward to seeing how it develops.

Gerry said...

Ira, this is beautiful. A true work of art.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Thanks Ira for the comments on my blocks. Yours, as always, are outstanding! I love your new project.

Lin Moon said...

I can see why you would want to make such a quilt - it is lovely! Happy Stitching wishes are sent your way - thanks for sharing the process.
~Lin Moon

ArtChic said...

Hi Ira visiting your blog for the first time. I love what you've been doing here. I have really wanted to try out crazy quilting, very inspiring, and thanks for the tutorials.

Лютция said...

Ира! Безумно красиво!