Monday, January 28, 2008

Chicken block for my friend Judyth

I have my dear internet friend Judyth . She is great person. She help to all Newbies with a fabric packs and other staff. I was need a threads that I can't get in Israel and she send to me a big, I mean really big box with all kind threads. Now I know all numbers off perle cottons and I can get them according to numbers.
Judyth love the chicken. And I did for her this block.

It was a pattern from Estonian handworks magazine Kasitoo from 1986. Originally it was a childrens room curtaine pattern. I was need to do it smaller. I wasn't really happy with small version until yesterday. But I found that few green stitches and flower beads can work very well.
This block with oher things for Judyth already in the mail.
I hope she will love it.


Judy S. said...

Hi Ira,

I am sure Judyth will LOVE this block. You are so very clever; I love looking at your work!

Maddie Can Fly said...

I know Judyth very well and I'm sure she will be soooo pleased with your chickens. Lots of us chicken lovers here in the U.S. (Lesa from CQForNewbies)

Susan said...

What a cute block, Ira! I love your chickens.

Allison Ann Aller said...

This IS a very cute block!
Ira, you left a comment on my blog about the needlewoven leaves. The way I made mine was to sew long stitches for the "warp" of the fabric into my block, and the needleweave the "weft" in and out, sometimes stitching into the fabric on the sides.

I don't know how I would do these backed by paper...maybe you could give a little tutorial sometime?
Please let me know if/when you do...and thanks!

Lynn said...


This is so Judyth...great job. I love the chickens..take care

mcKate said...

Hello Ira, You lovely chicken block led me to your blog. I am wondering where in Israel you live. My son in law comes from Tel Aviv, his mother is in Elait. I have been to Israel many many times and I love it. I think if my daughter and Yossi go back to live in Tel Aviv, I might go with them, they don't know that though!!! Regards and best wishes.

Gerry said...

Oh my, how darling! Judyth is going to LOVE this.