Monday, January 14, 2008

Star in progress.

I tray to do next row of the star. I am even stitched two blocks,but when I try to put them together they was too thick on a seam. So after few days of thinking I decided to do block in one hexagonal ring shape. I do a few drawings and finally I was happy with this shape. I drew this ring in real size including all seam allowance .
I cut this shape from a paper and fixed it with pins on very thin prewashed fabric . I don't do any marks on fabric because I use thin fancy fabrics even chiffon's for this project. But it was easy to see all marks throw thin white fabric. I put all fabrics on and fixed them with thread. I don't stitched them together yet. But I pull out a paper and let to my block rest for few days.
It's help me to keep my work flat. After 2-3 days all thin pieces get they shape and I can fixed all waves and get my block very flat. I use a lot of chiffon's and stretch fabrics (like velveteen here). Today I have this block done.

When my big block rest I start to do a little hearts . I do 3 of them. They are only 2 inch.New day will be tomorrow and new stitching.


Susan said...

Those tiny hearts are too cute! Your star is coming along with ingenuity. =)

Candi said...

Your block is going to be so pretty and I love the tiny hearts!

fildargent said...

Your crazy is yet fantastic!! What a beauty for our eyes and it makes feel good for the day.So, carry on what next !! Sorry for my English too. Alyette
le patchwork c'est comme le chocolat une gourmandise

Anonymous said...

Ira - Your work is always beautiful and sew precise looking. I love the colors you choose. sue